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The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory
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Shelter In Your Love - Updates! 
13th-Dec-2015 07:15 pm
Shelter In Your Love

Shelter In Your Love

Synopsis: When Hannah and Minnie meet the members of a new rock'n'roll group, The Silver Beatles, their lives change forever. Hannah becomes involved with the youngest of the group, George, but her heart is broken when the band leave Liverpool for a three month engagement in Hamburg. Things aren’t great at home, so what’s the solution? Run away and join the boys in Germany of course!

Spanning a decade, follow Hannah’s diaries and journals as she goes from Liverpool to Hamburg, through Beatlemania and beyond.

Starring: George.

Genre: Romance/Melodrama/Angst

Lots of new Chapters! Where have you been, la?!

Part 3
27. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
28. The Flying Hour
29. Any Road
30. That Is All
31. What A Crazy World We're Living In
32. See Yourself
33. Don't Ever Change
34. If You Belonged To Me
35. Devil's Radio
36. You're Just On My Mind
37. A Fear Of Flying

Part 4
38.Tears Of The World
39. Goin' Down To Golders Green
40. Simply Shady

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