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Reality leaves a lot to the imagination...
Update! "Sighs & Whispers": Chapter 21 [Epilogue] 
5th-Jul-2015 07:08 pm
Hi All!  Chapter 21 [Epilogue] is now posted to "Sighs & Whispers"!  You can read this story and all of my Beatles fiction at www.dasliebchenkind.com ....enjoy!
6th-Jul-2015 04:44 pm (UTC)
It feels like the end of an era now that Sighs & Whispers is finally finished - I'm all melancholy about it...

Excellent but rather ambiguous and open epilogue/final chapter. Firstly, everyone is okay, phew. Everyone we care for anyway.

John is wretched. I know everyone is still angry and trying to really rather contain that, as you can't shout at someone who's just nearly died, but I don't think anyone is more angry at him than himself, truthfully. Not just angry, but guilty, and remorseful and so full of regret and he seems so lonely now at the end of the story -- demonstrated by his palpable relief at Cynthia arriving - even if he doesn't exactly show it. I read Jay's comments on your site about John, and actually I had a lot of sympathy for John. Nothing he did was with real malice. It just went too far and he didn't realise what he was getting himself into.

Brian - oh my goodness, Brian. What an ambivalent ending for our poor ol' Bri, clutching his bottle of pain killers contemplating whether he wants to go on or not if there is no more Beatles. I hope, as George decides to go on for the time being anyway, that Brian will too. I loved the Peter Brown POV in that section too - did Peter Brown actually have that sort of relationship with Brian as alluded to here? I've not really read much about Peter Brown.

And last, but not least, Paul, Ringo and George. Fab scene between them and poor Derek in a rather awkward position! George is as ambivalent as the other characters. He doesn't hate being a Beatle. He was never comfortable with the fame, but I do think George loved being a Beatle as far as the music, guitars, the other three in the band (whatever he might say at different points in time). It's really difficult to say what George would do in the long term -- I think he would be able to forgive John, probably a lot easier than he thinks, but as for whether he'd want to go on with being part of The Beatles, that would be harder to say -- except in my opinion, I don't think George in his heart of hearts wanted the band to split in 1970 anyway, but that's a separate issue.

Right, I've rambled on for about as long as the actual story was... so I will close and say, fab, fab story Terri! Very excited to read your new story too, but also a little sad to see this one end.

PS. Where do you think I should leave feedback for your stories from now on? We're all over the place these days - Beatlescribes is (more than) a bit dead ... would it be better on your site's guestbook rather than here?
8th-Jul-2015 07:43 am (UTC)
Hiya Linds! Well, it feels like an end of an era because it has taken me an era to write the damn thing - LOL! This was slow-going, even by MY standards! I am incredibly surprised and humbled by all the regular readers who have stuck with it in spite of that. Yes, you and Jay have very different takes on poor John, don't you? I have to say that I find him redeemable, even though what he did really was awful, but I can see why folks (like Jay( wouldn't.
As I've written elsewhere, I do believe that Brian possessed an "addictive personality" all his life. We see it manifest in the way he threw himself into making NEMS such a success (when he finally committed to it, of course); and, sadly, it's evident in his drug use, even in the early days; it's obvious as well as in his continued predilection for the "rough boys," despite how many times he got his ass kicked; and it's clear in the way he so tirelessly - almost, single-mindedly - continued to promote the Beatles to the next higher level until they were untouchable....indeed, "bigger than Elvis." So, I think it was his curse as well as his blessing, but it's well known that his drug addiction really started spiraling out of control when the Beatles grew increasingly less dependent on him. I read in a few places that, although Peter Brown and Brian were friends, the were also on again-off again lovers for a while early on. I almost want to attribute the story to Alistair Taylor, though I'm not one hundred percent certain that's the source.
I felt I had to bring Derek Taylor back in the last chapter, and I believe I found a good role for him as the sort of touchstone for George during the heated discussion with Paul and Ringo about quitting the Beatles. He was both a friend and yet outside that insular group of the boys, Brian, Neil, and Mal. Had those insights come from Neil or Mal, George might not have accepted them in the same way or with the same authority. Derek was unencumbered by that point - he had no stake in whether the group continued or not, and I think that gave his opinion a certain validity for George.
I agree that, no matter what George said in the early 70's, as he grew older, his memories of his years as a Beatle grew a bit sweeter. I guess it's that way for all of us, right?
Lindsey, thank you so much for reading and offering your feedback throughout. It's much appreciated. I'm not sure about where comments are best left. I certainly don't see a need for multi-posting in three or four different forums the way we were all doing there for a while - that gets to be a drag. The Guest Book on my site is good because it keeps things centralized, (like the comments following chapters in Wattpad or LJ). On the other hand, posting comments in places like here or Beatlelinks (which I haven't been posting to in ages - LOL!), often encourage new readers to check various stories out. Meh, I'll leave it up to you. I will tell you that, now that any story I had in process on Scribes is completed, I won't be posting there unless Ginger returns again to resurrect it. I rather hope she does as I hope this site starts to grow again. I know there were problems with some people posting things that didn't belong here, but perhaps that's a non-issue now...? OKay - time to stop writing and go to bed!
14th-Jul-2015 12:21 pm (UTC)
I think I'd heard/read the Peter Brown thing before but obviously not quite absorbed it properly. Hmm... makes me want to re-write Devil In Her Heart now in light of this info!!

Yes, George did soften with old age - as much as George ever did, lol. I think he could be a bit unfair about his experience as a Beatle. I don't think (well, I know) he wanted the hysteria and the mania and all that madness, but I think he did love being a musician, he loved playing (perhaps not live, but in general) and creating music. I don't *think* when the Beatles finally split up properly that he wanted that in his heart of hearts. He might have thought he did at times, but when it came down to it I don't think he wanted the band to not exist anymore. He'd fallen out with Paul, but still. Remember when the band actually split, George spent days watching all the Beatles stuff in a dark room on his own. Sniff. He also said things like he'd be in another band with John again tomorrow, but didn't want to play with Paul anymore. I think there was an idea put around for about a week or so that John, George and Ringo would form a new band (how much would that have hurt Paul then though?!) - but then John wanted to go and do his own thing anyway.

Just my theory.... still a work/thought in progress.

Hmm, perhaps I will comment here then, because yes, it does hopefully encourage new readers to come along and join in. Shame about Scribes. I hope it will resurrect itself maybe if Ginger would come back and write again. I agree though, there isn't much point with just the two of us regularly posting, lol. I think maybe Yahoo groups have had their day too, which is a pity and a lot of potentially new people to the BFF scene wouldn't think to look/join in there. We are a little without a central home currently. Wattpad's okay. TBH the reason I use Wattpad is because I'm too lazy to code my stories for my own site and things like LJ don't let you put it in a 'book' format. It's not quite the same, not as close and you can't have a group conversation about things... unless they change that in the future.
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