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The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory
Reality leaves a lot to the imagination...
Update! "Sighs & Whispers": Chapter 20 
2nd-Jun-2015 01:50 am
Hi All!  Chapter 20 is now posted to "Sighs & Whispers"!  You can read this story and all of my Beatles fiction at www.dasliebchenkind.com ....enjoy!
2nd-Jun-2015 09:03 am (UTC)
4th-Jun-2015 12:41 pm (UTC)
Spoilers again! (Probably)

So... so... nope, still not happy, Terri, you can't leave the Beatles like this! It's devastating! (Lol, btw, only kiddin')

Firstly, so sorry to read about the demise of your laptop and consequential loss of your work. I have been there, many, many times and it's terrible. I *try* to save everything I write to a dropbox, because of reasons like this, but I still sometimes write on some application or direct in a web browser (Wattpad, specifically) and when it doesn't save it or something goes wrong, well, you feel like throwing the whole thing out of the window! And like the musicians that always complain the recorded version was never as good as when they played it live that time - when you re-write you always feel like it's not as good as the lost one. I lost half of chapter 6 of Shelter... not long ago, so I know your pain. Hope it won't put you off for too long though. Your new story ideas sounded intriguing!

Anyway, on to the meaty stuff...

Loved this Chapter. I was reading it at about midnight the other night and couldn't stop squealing over it. (Many strange looks from boyf). Again, characterisation is brilliant, not just Beatles but really fab OC's too. Lightener has become a bit of a rat, but from that phone call you can tell he's maybe thinking he's in over his head a bit now. It's one thing shooting the girl (who he didn't have much respect for) and another all together to murder the rest of them. Looks like Anton may have changed his mind. Jack too, your archetype hard boiled cop, doesn't give a toss who the Beatles are - can he save the day?!

Loved Mal. Always love Mal. Another false hero - you think he's going to do something but then... ah. Hope he's okay! So glad Paul and Ringo didn't walk right into it all though. Very suspenseful - the race between them and the coppers and whether they were all going to be too late anyway. Nail biting.

My favourite bit though - John and George. Oh, heartbreaking. How badly wrong can a joke go? George as you always write him - so perfect and strong and really, well, George. John. What can I say about John. I can't find the right words to describe how emotional and lovely that scene was. I think George forgives him, even though he was only kind of half listening, they're like brothers and all arguments and grievances go out of the window when things like this happen (even things like what's happened here). I always love all your John/George scenes!

Looking forward to the epilogue. xx
7th-Jun-2015 05:23 am (UTC)
Yep - I'm still piecing my collection of completed stories back together from my website, but the ones that were partially written and the pages with plot ideas are completely gone! You're right about losing the impetus to rewrite as well. Ugh!

Anyhooo....I figured you weren't going to happy that things didn't quite get resolved in the new chapter. Glad to see you still enjoyed it, though. I was also glad that you picked up on the scene where the Caddy and the cop are neck and neck getting to the house. I wasn't sure if that was going to come across as a "race," but I didn't want to make it overly obvious that that was what was going to happen. I figured if I included the different characters making reference to the time, that might do the trick. I just hope it seem redundant.
I must confess, I'll be glad to finish this one up! Thanks for teh feedback, Lindsey!
8th-Jun-2015 12:21 pm (UTC)
Yes, I thought it was very tense and suspenseful!

Hope you'll be motivated to write the stuff you've lost, and soon! Looking forward to the last instalment of Sighs & Whispers. :)
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