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The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory
Reality leaves a lot to the imagination...
Update! "Sighs & Whispers": Chapter 19 
26th-Apr-2015 05:13 am
Hi All!  Chapter 19 is now posted to "Sighs & Whispers"!  You can read this story and all of my Beatles fiction at www.dasliebchenkind.com ....enjoy!
2nd-Jun-2015 09:21 am (UTC)
I think that happens with all stories - you start off with an idea in mind, and then it and the characters take on a life of their own and take things in their own direction anyway!

Yes, that must be one of your author quirks - the ole 'oh it's nearly ended - oh! Wait! What a twist!' technique (I think that is the official name for it). It works very well though! There were certainly many twists in Halcyon Days, and here too.

I liked the Whiskey scene. I thought it came over very well and the Byrds characters were very realistic too - I don't know huge amounts about them either. It can be tricky with the more exposition type scenes not to overload with info, but I think you handled it very well.

Poor George and Poor John. I will be reading the next chapter asap (as work at the mo'. Apparently reading fan fictions when should be working is frowned upon, lol!)
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