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Reality leaves a lot to the imagination...
Update! "Sighs & Whispers": Chapter 19 
26th-Apr-2015 05:13 am
Hi All!  Chapter 19 is now posted to "Sighs & Whispers"!  You can read this story and all of my Beatles fiction at www.dasliebchenkind.com ....enjoy!
26th-Apr-2015 09:47 am (UTC)
Hooray! Hooray! An update! Best news all year!! Off to read now...!
27th-Apr-2015 02:08 am (UTC)
Glad ya think so, Lindsey! Hey, as they say, better late than never, right?
27th-Apr-2015 09:10 am (UTC)
Definitely. ;)

Your new stories look very tasty too. Looking forward to them!
10th-May-2015 04:10 pm (UTC)

Oh my God, Terri! Oh my God! What the... what.... You can't leave it there!! Where's chapter 20? I need to read it now! I need to know...!
You can't do that to The Beatles! You can't do that to George!
I'll have to go and get something to calm my nerves....

Okay. I've calmed down. Just a bit. Bloomin' heck.
Apologies, firstly, for the time it's taken me to post this review. In fact, to catch up. It'd been a while since I'd read Sighs and Whispers so I went back to about chapter 12 and read through to chapter 18... because I'm a numpty and didn't even realise I hadn't downloaded chapter 19 until just now when I was about to post a review. Up to chapter 18 was WOW, effin' wow... but chapter 19. No words to describe...
So, where to begin? What a fantastic story, no hyperbole - it's amazing. Brilliant. As per, your Beatles are wonderful, so true to life and character and so real.
So too, are your original characters. Rachel - what a bitch, with her 'hello, lover..' and all that (lol). She really is a character you love to hate. Didn't like her from the off, as obviously dropped George in it and left, but when she made her return, started to really, really hate her. I think she must have some terrible back story, some awful childhood or such. I guess we may never know now... That last scene though - was she back to 'help' as she promised or was there another plot afoot? Hmmm.
John, what a fool. John always seems to end up as the one who can't do right for doing wrong. I felt for him, struggling, but only making things worse. What started as something of a bit mean, but other wise innocently intended joke/bet has escalated in to the worst nightmare imaginable. Although, John being John, rather than tell someone about it, he tries to sort it out himself and it continues to spiral out of control. I do love how you write John too - actually all of them.
Lightener - There was something about him from the start, I should have twigged but I didn't! I really thought he was going to help them sort it all out right up until he pressed the trigger - and then! Then!
I really enjoyed the scenes at the Whiskey as well. In the hands of someone else, those scenes could be annoying - you might just want to get back to the action - but your writing is so fab to read, they just add to the suspense. David (and Chris) - thanks for nothing! I thought Ringo might have smacked him one, ha ha.
And George. Saved the best for last. How lovely George is. I felt for him so much - how he was even questioning himself, could he have done it, and how scared and alone he was feeling - and then when it came out about John, how betrayed. Still though, when it comes to the crunch in chapter 19, you can tell how much he really does love John - because that's what fan fiction is all about really, isn't it? Those four lads.
Overall, what a great story. Really, really fantastic. I'm so jealous of your talent! Please don't leave it so long before posting the next chapter, I may honestly die of suspense, and you wouldn't want that on your conscience, would you? Sorry this is such a rambling, random, long comment. stream of consciousness, ha. xx
2nd-Jun-2015 06:10 am (UTC)
Thanks, Lindsey for such a lovely review. I feel terrible for missing comments both you and jay had made such a while ago! I guess I was too busy sneak-reading both of your stories when I finally had time to do anything extracurricular on the internet, it just didn't occur to me that there would be any comments waiting! I am SO sorry! Anyway, on to my response.....

>>>>What the... what.... You can't leave it there!! Where's chapter 20? I need to read it now! I need to know...!
You can't do that to The Beatles! You can't do that to George!<<<<
Oh boy! Are you gonna be mad at me! Heh!

This chapter kind of took on a life of its own. I hadn't planned on doing that to Brian and John. It just sort of happened, and, when I thought about where that plot twist could lead, I decided to go with it. I seem to be making a habit of letting people think the story is winding down before pulling something like this out of the blue. I did it a few times in "Halcyon Days" as I recall, but, there too, I deviated from the original plan. Hey, sometimes that works better, right?
I'm glad you mentioned the scene in the Whiskey as I wasn't too certain that came off as well as I would have liked. It's a key scene in that this is where we learn some essential things about LaVey and what motivates him, especially in his pursuit of the Beatles. I'm not all that familiar with the characters of the Byrds, so I had to watch a few interviews and read a few articles to get a sense of how they spoke and such. Dave Crosby was easier to write than Chris Hillman, though.
It's funny that you say that about Lightener. Jay said something similar a while back - that there was a hint that he was a bit off. It's all the more interesting because back then, I had no idea what I was going to have him do - LOL!
Poor George - he has sure been put through the wringer in this story! Then again, John has fared too well, either! I will have to be much nicer to both of them in my next story!
Well, I'm writing this immediately after I posted Chapter 20 - I hope you'll enjoy that one as well! Just the Epilogue to rewrite, and we're home free!!!
2nd-Jun-2015 09:21 am (UTC)
I think that happens with all stories - you start off with an idea in mind, and then it and the characters take on a life of their own and take things in their own direction anyway!

Yes, that must be one of your author quirks - the ole 'oh it's nearly ended - oh! Wait! What a twist!' technique (I think that is the official name for it). It works very well though! There were certainly many twists in Halcyon Days, and here too.

I liked the Whiskey scene. I thought it came over very well and the Byrds characters were very realistic too - I don't know huge amounts about them either. It can be tricky with the more exposition type scenes not to overload with info, but I think you handled it very well.

Poor George and Poor John. I will be reading the next chapter asap (as work at the mo'. Apparently reading fan fictions when should be working is frowned upon, lol!)
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