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The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory
Reality leaves a lot to the imagination...
What the hell? An update to Razzmatazz!  
27th-Apr-2014 11:56 am
razzSorry for the enormous gap between updates! If anyone still remembers it, Razzmatazz chapter 7 is now posted!


Synopsis: August 1963 - The Beatles are playing a 5 night residency in Llandudno, Wales, when a stranger arrives looking for John. What is the secret past these two people share? And what will it mean for the future of The Beatles?

Starring: John

Genre: Romance/Drama

Read Chapter 7 here.

Or read from the start of the story here.
27th-Apr-2014 09:20 pm (UTC)
Hey you! It's so good to see you writing again! (Of course, I've got a nerve saying so - LOL!) Anyway, this story is very compelling. I like the way you're interspersing the timeline, revealing the history of John and Ruby's relationship bit by bit. Of course, the mystery is....what is Ruby doing looking him up in Wales now, and, most of all, why does that make John so uneasy? Your writing, as always, excels, and your characterizations, (and dialogue), are sheer perfection. I hope you'll post again soon!
4th-May-2014 12:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks Terri! :)

(Replied over on t'other site)

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