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The Beatles Fan Fiction Directory
Reality leaves a lot to the imagination...
Update! "Halcyon Days": Chapter 31 
26th-Apr-2014 05:16 pm
Hey All! Chapter 31 is now posted to “Halcyon Days.”  You can read this and my other Beatles fiction at www.dasliebchenkind.com .  Enjoy!
4th-May-2014 02:04 pm (UTC)
Loved it!

(Possible spoilers below!)

George gets himself into some pickles, doesn't he? I love the way this story throws twists and turns at you in every chapter. Is she lying? Yeah, probably. When will George find out? Hmm, perhaps too late.

Great chapter Terri. I liked the flashback at the start of it too.

Sorry this is such a short review this time. I will be catching up on Sighs & Whispers soon too.

Aw, Halcyon Days is nearly finished! I think when it is, I will read it all again in one go ;)
4th-May-2014 10:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Lindsey! Considering how long this took fro me write, start to finish, re-reading it in one go would probably be a good idea! I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter, and I'm looking froward to your reaction to its conclusion! I appreciate your comments!
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