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Lost & Found Updated! Chapter 17

Bffd readers,

Lost & Found has been updated! I realize it has been a while, but I have been working on it! I hope I still have some readers out there! And for any new readers, you can start with Two Way Mirror as L&F is its sequel. Make sure to click PREVIOUS ENTRY to go to the next chapter since the order on my page is reversed (newest on bottom)

Two way Mirror
Synopsis: Two Way Mirror stars twin sisters Mirel and Emma Sherlin. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mirel is forced to take on Emma's identity in order to help her sister reach her lifelong dream. Not realizing there are two Sherlins causes a whole mess of confusion in the mind and heart of a certain Beatle. Eventually the real identities of Mirel and Emma are revealed, but not before cupid has made his move. We now have a Beatle in love...but with whom is he in love with? Mirel or Emma?
Starring: All four Beatles (with a focus on John); Mirel (OC)
Genre: Romance

Lost & Found
Synopsis: Lost & Found is the sequel to Two Way Mirror. Find out what happened to each of our characters after the Big Twin Reveal Lost & Found-Prologue
Starring: John & Mirel (OC)
Genre Romance

Lost & Found – Chapter 17
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