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Something- The Story of George Harrison and GeorgeAnne Harrison CHAPTER 05 
21st-Jun-2012 11:54 pm
Title: Something- The Story of George Harrison and GeorgeAnne Harrison
Author: GeorgeAnne Harrison-Starkey
Starring: George Harrison, and 2 OCs- GeorgeAnne Harrison and Hannah Harrison
Rating: PG-13
Warning: none
Summary: It is 1964 and one evening, GeorgeAnne Harrison finds George Harrison on her front porch! They quickly fall in love, but can and will it last? Or does someone else love George?
Author's Note: Please note that the Pattie Boyd in this story is NOT The Pattie Boyd that George Harrison married.

Chapter 05


XxGeorge Harrison's P.O.V.xX


          I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs. It smelled so good that it made my stomach growl. The smell made me hungry! And so, I climbed out of bed and walked out of my room and went into the bathroom, for which was next door. I then took a shower, for which I always do when I first wake up in the morning. After I took my shower, I found a robe on the back of the bathroom door and I put it on. Even though the robe was GeorgeAnne's and it was kinda girly. I didn’t care.

          I then opened the door and I walked out of the bathroom and then I walked over to the stairs. I went downstairs, where now I could really smell the bacon and eggs! When I got downstairs, I walked into the kitchen and I saw GeorgeAnne at the stove cooking breakfast. She noticed me and smiled. "Good morning, George! Did you sleep well?" "Yeah, I did! And good morning to you, GeorgeAnne! Breakfast looks and smells great!" I said. "Thanks, George! It should be ready soon." She said. "Good because I'm hungry!" I said.

          GeorgeAnne smiled. "Yeah, me too! By the way, why are you wearing my robe? I don't mind if you do." "I took a shower and I needed something to wear afterwards." I said shyly. "Ok. But, you need to be dressed. If you can wait a few minutes, we'll go upstairs and find something for you to wear." She said, cooking the food. "Ok! Thanks GeorgeAnne! I really don't have anything to wear." I said shyly. "I know." GeorgeAnne said. I then walked out of the kitchen and went into the living room to wait on her.

          While I was waiting, I turned on the television to see what was on. There was nothing really on except for news and Saturday morning cartoons. I decided to watch the cartoons because I didn't care about the news. I didn't know what cartoons I was watching, because I didn't recognize it at all. All I knew was that I was watching a TV show about 4 young men who were getting into trouble. That was until they started singing the song, I Want To Hold Your Hand. And that's when I realized that I was watching a TV show about me and my friends- The Beatles! I didn't know that there was a cartoon that starred The Beatles! How awesome!

          "Hey GeorgeAnne, did you know that there is a cartoon about The Beatles? I'm in it too!" I yelled. "Yeah, I know! They just started it a few months ago. I've watched it sometimes. Hannah told me about it and that's how I know about it. Do you like your character, George?" She yelled from the kitchen. I smiled. "I guess so. I don't like the way I talk in it though." "Yeah. Why don't you go upstairs and I'll meet you up there in a second." GeorgeAnne said. "Ok." I yelled. Good. I can finally get dressed and get out of this girly robe. The robe was pink and I didn't like to wear pink. Ringo could wear pink, but I couldn't!

          I then got up from the couch and I walked into the hallway and then I walked up the steps. Once I got upstairs, I walked into the hallway and I stood there, waiting for GeorgeAnne. And that's when it had dawned on me. Today was the last day that I would be at GeorgeAnne's house before I had to go back to the hotel. And today, I had to tell her that I was in love with her. If I didn't, that meant I'd probably never ever see her again. And I didn't want that. I was in love with GeorgeAnne. I did have a plan though of how I was going to tell her, but I became nervous about it because I knew that I would be doing it alone. And I didn't like the idea of that.

          Especially because of what had happened yesterday. And because what if my shyness and my nervousness got the best of me and messed it up? Thinking about this, I became nervous and shy. Finally, GeorgeAnne had came upstairs and now I could get dressed. "Ok, George, let's go into my room. There's probably something in my closet or drawer that you can wear." GeorgeAnne said as she walked down the left side of the hallway to her bedroom door. I followed her. "I'll wear anything, but please don't give me anything that's girly or pink. I don't like to wear any of those things." I said. "Ok, George." She said. When we got to her bedroom, GeorgeAnne opened the door and we walked in. GeorgeAnne turned her light on and then went over to the closet and opened the door. She then started to go through her clothes.

          As GeorgeAnne went through her clothes, I stood there in her bedroom, and I looked around her room. GeorgeAnne had a really pretty bedroom. Her walls were painted red and she had some artwork hanging up on the walls. I had recognized the artwork and it was paintings of India and Hinduism. They were really nice paintings, I thought. I also saw a guitar that was a red and black Gretsch guitar. It wasn't all that pretty, but I decided that I liked it too! But I also saw another instrument in her room, and it looked like a guitar, but it wasn't. It was rather big and long and it was kinda weird looking.

          "GeorgeAnne, what is that guitar looking thing over there?" I asked, pointing to it. She looked at me and said, "Oh. That's a sitar. It's an instrument they play in India. I bought it a year ago because I wanted to learn how to play it. And well, I tried to learn, but I found it difficult. Even Hannah tried to help me learn, but I never got it. I then gave up." Oh. But why is it difficult to learn?" I asked. "Because it just is. I don't know, George. I just have it now as decoration." She said. I suddenly became more interested in the instrument. "Do you remember what you learned when you played the sitar? Could you teach me sometime?" I asked, eagerly.

          “I don't know, George. I know very little about the sitar. And what I learned was like a year ago, so I've probably forgot. Here George, do you mind wearing a white T-Shirt?" She said. "No, I don't mind. As long as it's not girly." I said. She then took the shirt off of a hanger and handed it to me. She then closed her closet door and walked over to her dresser. She then began to look through it. "I'd love to learn how to play the sitar. It looks like a cool instrument to learn." I smiled. "Yeah, that's what I thought. But believe me, it is difficult to learn." GeorgeAnne said. "Well, I'd like to try." I said. "Ok. And George, here are some black pants for you to wear. Take these into the bathroom and change. I have to go downstairs and finish breakfast." GeorgeAnne said, giving me the pants. I smiled. "Thanks, GeorgeAnne!" "You're welcome!" She said, closing the drawer.


XxGeorgeAnne Harrison's P.O.V.xX


          George and I then walked out of my bedroom, turning off the light and closing the door behind us. I then walked down the hallway, and then I went downstairs. George had went into the bathroom to get dressed. When I got downstairs, I went into the kitchen and I began to get breakfast out and ready to eat. Once I had gotten the food out and had put it on a plate, I took it into the dining room. Then, I came back into the kitchen and I got out 2 other plates and some utensils. I took them into the dining room and I sat the table for me and George.  

          "Is it time to eat yet?" George asked, standing in the doorway to the dining room. I looked up at him. Good, he was dressed! "Yeah, but we have to set the table first. I'm almost done. If you want, you may sit down. What would you like to drink? I have milk, water, and orange juice." "Um… I'll have orange juice!" George smiled. He walked into the room and sat down at the table. "Ok. Let me go get the drinks and then we can eat!" I said. I then walked back into the kitchen to get our drinks.

          I got out 2 glass cups and I poured orange juice into them. I then put the orange juice away and then I grabbed the 2 cups and went back into the dining room. When I got into the dining room, I walked over to the table and I sat our drinks down. I gave one to George and I took the other. I then sat down at the table and smiled at George. "Can we eat now, GeorgeAnne? I'm starving!" George begged like a little child. "Yes George, we can eat now!" I exclaimed. "Good!" He smiled. We then took the plate of food and passed it to each other. Once the food was distributed, we began to eat it.

          "So George, what do you think of my cooking? Am I a good chef?" I asked. "Yes, you are GeorgeAnne! Your food is delicious!" George said. "Thank you!" I smiled. "I think that you're a better chef than I am. I'm no good at cooking. That's why I hired a chef." George said. "Why aren't you any good at cooking?" I asked. "I don't know. I'm just not. But I do love to eat! I'd rather play guitar than cook." He smiled. I giggled at that comment. "Hey GeorgeAnne, I was wondering. How long have you been playing the guitar?" George asked.

          "Well, since I was 14. Hannah was first to pick up a guitar though. And she got me interested in playing. But then when I was 16, our house burnt down and well, I moreless gave it up. My parents wouldn't let Hannah or I buy another one. I didn't play again until I was 18 and I left home with Hannah. And I've been playing ever since. How about you, George?" I said. "I've been playing since I was 13. You know, I still have my very first guitar! Do you still have yours?" George said shyly. "Sadly, no. It got burnt up in the fire. It was a very pretty guitar too. Ever since then, I've wanted to buy one just like it, but I've had no luck finding it sadly. It was a Gretsch guitar. I forgot the name of it, but I'd recognize it if I ever saw it!" I said.

          "Really? That's sad. Hopefully though, one day you'll find it again. I'm sure of it, GeorgeAnne!" George said. I sighed. "I hope so George. That guitar was special to me because it was my first guitar and my most favorite guitar." As we continued to sit at the table and eat breakfast and talk, someone knocked on the door loudly. "Who's that at your door, GeorgeAnne?" George asked, eating. I smiled. "That's probably my sister, Hannah Harrison! I forgot that she was supposed to come over here today! Actually, she comes over every Saturday." "Oh." George said. I then got up from my chair and walked into the hallway and then to the front door. When I got to the front door, I opened it and indeed, I saw my sister Hannah Harrison standing on the front porch before me.

          I smiled at her and I invited her in. "Hello, GeorgeAnne!" Hannah said, as she came into my house. "Hello Hannah! I totally forgot that you were coming over today." I said. "That's ok!" Hannah said. She then gave me a big friendly hug. "So, GeorgeAnne, what have you been up to?" She asked. "Not much. You know, the usual. But, I did have a special guest that spent the night here last night!" I said happily. Hannah smiled. "Who!? Let me guess... you have a new boyfriend?" "No, Hannah! You know that I haven't had a boyfriend since high school." I said.

          "Well then, who is it? It is our sister Pattie Boyd?" Hannah asked, excitedly. "No Hannah! If I were to tell you who it is, do you promise not to scream like a fangirl?" I asked. "Yeah, I promise!" Hannah smiled. "Ok, then. My special guest that came here last night is the one and only... George Harrison of The Beatles!" I said happily. Hannah’s smile disappeared. "You've got to be kidding me, GeorgeAnne. George Harrison cannot possibly be here." "But he is, Hannah Harrison!" I smiled. "He is not, GeorgeAnne!" She said.

          "Yes, he is! I swear! I said. Hannah sighed. "GeorgeAnne, you're pulling my leg. George Harrison is not here! If he really is, then prove it to me!" "Ok, I will Hannah Harrison!" I said, smiling.


XxGeorge Harrison's P.O.V.xX


          As GeorgeAnne and Hannah stood in the hallway talking, I continued to eat my breakfast. And as I was eating, I suddenly got an idea! If I could somehow get a moment with Hannah alone, I could talk to her about GeorgeAnne. And maybe, just maybe Hannah could help me to carry out my plan. Maybe Hannah could help me to tell GeorgeAnne that I was in love with her! I felt so much better now that Hannah had came over. Now, I had someone to help me and I wouldn't be doing it alone. I liked the idea and I decided to do it.


To Be Continued......




22nd-Jun-2012 06:16 pm (UTC)
what a wonderful fairy-tale ! it's like happend in another innocent and unreal world.
23rd-Jun-2012 12:23 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you like it!
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