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Something- The Story of George Harrison and GeorgeAnne Harrison CHAPTER 04 
20th-Jun-2012 11:18 pm
Title: Something- The Story of George Harrison and GeorgeAnne Harrison
Author: GeorgeAnne Harrison-Starkey
Starring: George Harrison, and 2 OCs- GeorgeAnne Harrison and Hannah Harrison
Rating: PG-13
Warning: none
Summary: It is 1964 and one evening, GeorgeAnne Harrison finds George Harrison on her front porch! They quickly fall in love, but can and will it last? Or does someone else love George?
Author's Note: Please note that the Pattie Boyd in this story is NOT The Pattie Boyd that George Harrison married.
Also, please note that 2 new characters being mentioned- Ronnie Harrison and Vicki Harrison are not married. They are actually brother and sister.

Chapter 04

XxGeorgeAnne Harrison's P.O.V.xX

     Wow! Was I impressed! George really had excellent guitar skills! I loved it! "Well GeorgeAnne, what do you think?' George whispered, looking away. "You were very good! I loved the song and you sang it so sweetly. I think you play guitar way better than I can." I said happily. "No, I messed up. I know I did because I played a few sour notes." He whispered. "George, don't be shy about it. I know you are. You played great and that's all that matters. I love your music, George." I said. George looked up at me. "You think I was good?" "Yes, George, I do. You play the guitar so beautifully! And besides, if you weren't any good, you wouldn't be a Beatle, would you?" I smiled. "Yeah, I guess you're right." He said. George then took the guitar off of himself and looked at me. "Hey um… now it's your turn to play the guitar. I want to see how good you are, GeorgeAnne!" I looked away. "No, I don't want to." "Why not, GeorgeAnne?" George asked. "Because I just don't want to.' I sighed.
     “And why is that?" He begged. "I don't know.' I said softly. Now I was the one being shy. But, I had a good reason to be. You see, I have never really played guitar to anyone else besides my sister Hannah, my Aunt Vicki Harrison, and my Uncle Ronnie Harrison. And that’s it. No one else has ever heard me play. Not even my parents nor Pattie. So yeah, I was nervous to play guitar in front of George Harrison. But I was also nervous and shy about it too because would George criticize me if I messed up or did something wrong? Hopefully he wouldn't, but he could.
    I do know that George did have way better guitar skills that what I have. And that's what made me shy also. And George was also used to playing in front of people, while I wasn't. He played in front of people everyday almost! While I sometimes played in front of someone. I just didn't know if I could play for George Harrison, who was a Beatle. I was just too shy.
      "GeorgeAnne, are you alright?" George looked at me, concerned. I looked at him. "Yeah, I am. It's just that I've never played guitar before for anyone else besides my sister Hannah, and my Aunt Vicki, and my Uncle Ronnie." "Oh, I see. It's alright GeorgeAnne. You know, I used to be shy about playing guitar to anyone. And I still am today, really. I don't like singing on stage either. I think I'm better at playing guitar than I am singing." George said. I smiled shyly. "Well, I think you're good at both singing and playing guitar."
      George smiled. "Thanks, GeorgeAnne! Are you going to play guitar for me?" I sighed. "I don't know, George. I think I'm too shy. If I did though, would you promise me that you wouldn't criticize me?" George looked at me and smiled. "GeorgeAnne, I wouldn't criticize you. I don't criticize anyone, really. Except when I'm with The Beatles and I think something is either messed up or should be better. Then I'll speak up if I want to. Usually, John and Paul, especially Paul are the ones that criticize me. And that's why I walked out on John and Paul earlier today. Paul was criticizing my songwriting and John joined in. It made me angry and so, I walked out."
    "I'm sorry that that happends. My older sister Pattie is always criticizing me and Hannah. She thinks she's old enough to rule over us like a mother sometimes." I said. "So, are you going to play guitar or what? It's ok if you don't want to." He said, changing the subject. I sighed. "I guess I could, but I don't want to play in front of you. I'm just too shy." "It's ok. Just imagine that I'm not here. That's what I do sometimes. Or I imagine that I'm playing guitar with just my friends- The Beatles." George said.
      "I can't do that, George. It's hard for me to." I said, looking at George. "Well, ok. Why don"t we do this then? Take and we turn our backs to one another." I sat there for a moment thinking about what George said. I liked the idea and I knew that it would help me. I decided that I would do it. But, what would I play? I didn't want to play a song that I had written. I wasn’t ready for that yet. But then I suddenly remembered something. I could play a song that my Uncle Ronnie had taught both me and Hannah to play just last summer when we visited him and Aunt Vicki in England. The song was a Beatles song and Paul McCartney sung it.
  "Ok George. I'll play a song for you, but under 2 conditions. First of all, we must turn our backs to one another. And second, I hope that you don't mind that I play a Beatles song." I said softly. George smiled. "That's fine with me! All I want to hear is you playing the guitar, only if you want to. What Beatles song are you going to play?" "If you don't mind George, I'm going to play the song- P.S. I Love You. My Uncle Ronnie taught both me and Hannah how to play it." I said shyly. "No, I don't mind. Actually, I like that song myself! It's a pretty song, I think.' George said. I then took my white Gretsch guitar from George and I put it on me. I then turned my back to George. He then turned his back to me.
    'Here goes nothing." I sighed. "You'll do fine, GeorgeAnne Harrison!" George reassured me. I then took a deep breath and began to play my guitar, and I sang-

As I write this letter, send my love to you,
Remember that I'll always be in love with you.
Treasure these few words till we're together,
Keep all my love forever.
P.S. I love you, you, you, you.
I'll be coming home again to you love,
Untill the day I do love.
P.S. I love you, you, you, you.
As I write this letter, send my love to you,
Remember that I'll always be in love with you.
Treasure these few word till we're together
Keep all my love forever.
P.S. I love you, you, you, you.
As I write this letter, send my love to you,
You know I want you to
Remember that I'll always be in love with you.
I'll be coming home again to you love,
Untill the day I do love.
P.S. I love you, you, you, you.
I love you.

XxGeorge Harrison’s P.O.V.xX

  Wow! GeorgeAnne really could play the guitar and she played it so beautifully! She was talented! There was really no need of her to be hiding this! I think she played so good that she was better than Paul McCartney himself! I turned towards GeorgeAnne, who was just sitting there quietly. When she noticed me a moment later, she whispered, "You didn’t like it did you? I knew you wouldn't." I smiled at her. "GeorgeAnne, you weren't bad. You know, I think that you were very great! You played beautifully and you are very talented.'
  "Thanks, George. But I don't think that I'm that good." GeorgeAnne whispered, looking down. I could tell that she was just being a little shy. The way she was acting towards me made me remember the way I acted when I had auditioned to be in The Beatles. I was shy and embarrassed too. I wrapped my arm around her to make her feel better. "It's ok, GeorgeAnne! It's ok to be shy." I said, looking at her. GeorgeAnne smiled faintly and looked at me with her brown eyes. "Tell me George Harrison, was I really good or was I awful?"
  I smiled at her and said, "GeorgeAnne Harrison, do you want to know that truth?" GeorgeAnne shook her head yes. I then smiled and said, "Honestly GeorgeAnne, I believe that you really have talent! I loved the way you played guitar. It was so beautiful! And really, I like your version of P.S. I Love You better than Paul’s version! You know, you shouldn't hide this! It is truly beautiful and there's no need for you to be shy about it! Don't be shy of why you are, GeorgeAnne!" She looked at me with her brown eyes and smiled. "You really think that Harrison?" I looked into her brown eyes and said, "Yes, I do, GeorgeAnne! Honestly and truthfully!" "Well, thank you George!" She smiled.
  "You're welcome, GeorgeAnne!" I yawned. GeorgeAnne yawned too. I could tell that both GeorgeAnne and I were getting tired and it was really time for us to go to bed. We had already stayed up too late, but I didn't care. I was used to being up late anyways. "Well, if you don't mind George, I think that it's time for bed. I'm getting tired." GeorgeAnne yawned. "Yeah, I'm tired too." I said. "Ok, George, let me put my guitar away and then I'll show you to your room." She said. She then got up and walked to where the guitars were and placed her white Gretsch guitar back onto it's stand. I had gotten up and walked to the door.
  Once she was done, I opened the door and we walked out of the room and I then closed the door behind me. GeorgeAnne then took me next door, for which was the guest room. This was to be my room for the night, for which I didn't mind. She explained to me where everything was and told me that if I needed her, she was at the left end of the hallway. We then said goodnight to each other and she left. I then got ready for bed, found my pajamas, and finally went to bed.

XxGeorgeAnne Harrison’s P.O.V.xX

  As I now laid in my warm, cozy bed, I couldn't stop thinking about George Harrison, who had just a few hours earlier came over to my house. And it was all because fangirls decided to chase him around town. For which I think was sad, really. Why couldn't have they just left George alone? I think that it was just to be mean to him, really. Poor George Harrison. I felt so sorry for him. But, I was also feeling something else tonight. I felt as though I was falling in love with him!
  It was true. I had developed feeling for George and I felt as though I could love and trust him. I felt that I have known him for forever, but we had just met only a few hours ago. Yes, I did find George to be cute and adorable. There was no doubt about that! He was truly one of a kind for me! I believe, that I was in love with him and I was in love with his beautiful music!
    But there was a problem. Did and would George love me back? Did he love me? I wanted to believe that he loved me, but I wasn't sure. George Harrison was a Beatle for crying out loud and he could have any girl he wanted. Hey, he could have a girlfriend already. Or even be engaged. Both of those would break my heart if they were true. Or it would sadden me if he didn't love me. What I mean is that if any of these things were true, I would be saddened but I would get over it and move on. But I did love George Harrison himself. I was not in love with him because he was known as George Harrison, the shy Beatle. I was just in love with George Harrison!

XxGeorge Harrison’s P.O.V.xX

   I was so glad and happy that today was finally over! Today had been a bad day for me, but something special had also happened to me! I had finally found a girl who was really the girl of my dreams! She was beautiful, talented, adorable, but most of all, she saw me as just plain George Harrison. She didn’t see me as George Harrison the Beatle. That's what I really loved about her! But I saw her also as a best friend and someone who I could love and actually trust! And GeorgeAnne wasn't a Beatle fangirl either. In a way, she was just like me!
    But, I also saw her as an inspiration and someone who knew better. GeorgeAnne was right earlier when she told me that smoking was bad for me. It was really. And so, I decided that night that I didn't want to get sick and die from cancer. I decided that if I really loved GeorgeAnne, and I did, that I would quit my smoking habit. And I decided to not ever smoke again! I had also that night thought of the best way to tell her that I was in love with her! I decided that I would do it myself tomorrow and surprise her! Hopefully, I wouldn't mess it up! ^_^

To Be Continued...

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